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When gas requirements are critical to your future, we can move you there, today. We are engineers. We are scientists. We are partners. Our multidisciplinary team develops custom- ized products and laboratory solutions that deliver quality liquid and gas analytics to help you and your team maintain efficiencies, safety, and security. We also offer specialist support, working with you anywhere in the world or within one of our own facilities to help you solve your most pressing challenges, so you are future-ready, today. The future, Be There Now.

ASTG maintains corporate headquarters in New Jersey and a facility in the Portland, Oregon area; comprising almost 10,000 square feet of office, research laboratory and fabrication facilities. Our locations allow us the flexibility to re-configure custom production areas while maintaining core research and development facilities. Consulting services are rendered both onsite and offsite, meeting our customer’s expectations with global response.

At ASTG, we believe leveraging science and technology can move your processes toward greater efficiencies enabling you to maximize productivity and minimize wasted effort and expense.

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Analytical Science and Technologies Group is a scientific consulting corporation dedi- cated to providing expert services and products to non-scientific industries and gov- ernmental organizations. Our core staff are mutli-disciplined scientists and engineers, with extensive backgrounds in analytical and environmental sciences, industrial gas en- gineering, ultra-high purity and precise products and scientifically related-emergency preparedness.

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