Beverage Industry Resource Guide Update

Offered By International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT)

A total of 56 ISBT members have taken advantage of the newest ISBT member benefit and several more have verbally shown interest. The resource guide provides an opportunity for members to promote their products and services that they believe can help companies in the beverage industry operate more safely, efficiently and profitably.

Basic listings in the Beverage Industry Resource Guide are complimentary with ISBT membership. Additional opportunities to promote are available at a very economical rate. For a top-of-the-line sponsorship, which includes two full pages in a yearly print guide plus year-round promotion online, the cost averages out to less than $300 per month, while baseline Bronze sponsorship, which includes your logo plus promotional text in print and some online promotion throughout the year, averages out to $48 per month. We strongly encourage members to utilize this communication vehicle and get more involved in ISBT.

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