Beverage Institute by ISBT™

The online offerings of the Beverage Institute by ISBT™ continue to grow. We started with the Fundamentals of Beverage Technology, containing 8 modules, which continues to be an excellent course for those new to the industry and those wanting to expand their knowledge of the supply chain. Last year we launched a module on Fountain Sanitation in response to a publicized need for improved sanitation in fountain outlets. In March this year, we launched a course on Beverage Ingredients. This course has 13 modules that explain in detail the chemistry, applications, regulations, and quality aspects of the major ingredients used to make beverages.

So what’s next? Water and Wastewater Treatment! After BevTech this year, we hosted an 8-hour seminar on Water and Wastewater Treatment. There was an incredible amount of information and experience shared. We have captured this knowledge and are in the process of creating the online content for a new course. We hope to launch this course by the end of this year. A special thanks to Sanjay Srivatsa, David Bridgers, John Sherbondy, Doug Glanz, Albert Helguera, Dan Shaver, and Andy Reim for sharing their knowledge! (And thanks for your continued willingness to review our online content as it’s developed).

While our main focus the rest of this year is on water, I know other Technical Committees are working on content. I think we will have additional content on Beverage Gases, Sensory Evaluation, and maybe some Packaging and Processing to start working on. If you have any questions about Beverage Institute by ISBT™ or any content you want to submit, don’t hesitate to contact me at

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