BevTech Canada

Offered By International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT)

Beverage industry experts from across Canada (and the US) gathered together on June 5, 2019 at the NSF International offices in Guelph, Ontario to participate in the 2nd annual BevTech Canada conference. Following a successful re-inauguration of BevTech Canada in 2018, the theme of this year’s conference was Sustainability and Technical Considerations for the Beverage Industry.

There was a total of 27 attendees at this year’s conference, including end users from the non-alcoholic beverage industry as well as the wine industry. Southern Ontario is the largest wine-producing region in Canada, and having them participate in the conference was seen as a great step in extending the reach of ISBT to this market segment.

Conference attendees were treated to ten outstanding presentations that stretched across all technical committee topics – from packaging to sweeteners to water quality, and everything in between. One particular highlight of the conference was the talk from Andrew Parshad, the Founder and President of Cannabis License Experts, as he shared with participants the opportunities, regulations, and considerations of using cannabis ingredients in food and beverage products.

The committee has already begun preliminary discussions around BevTech Canada 2020, and we will have more information in the fall regarding dates and location.

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