Carboguard multi-barrier polishing filters are made from advanced high quality materials. Forming part of the 5 stage multi-barrier system, the molecular adsorption cartridges fit into your existing dh PCO-2 or Mplus housing that contain stages 2,3 and 4. Stage's 1 and 5 High efficiency NVR and NVOR oil and dust removal filter elements complete the 5 stages of protection. All 5 stages work together to reduce or eliminate the risk of product spoilage.

Features Include: 

Cartridge designA compact disposable cartridge design encapsulates the special filter media to ensure filter operation and handling is kept clean and hassle free. Easy to install and maintain.

Highly selective mediaThree different high performance filter media have been selected for their ability to target specific compounds.

Multi-barrier constructionProtection from multiple carbon dioxide impurities entering the beverage production process. One cartridge includes stage 2,3 and 4 of the 5 stage multi barrier system.

High level of protectionSix months continuous protection. Incident protection from inlet concentrations up to 10x ISBT guidelines for the critical impurities such as aromatic hydrocarbon, H2S, COS and more.

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