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Carbon Dioxide is the only industrial gas used as an ingredient in beverages. The gas is recovered as a by-product from many industrial processes or extracted from wells. The quality of this gas is subject to stringent industry specifications that are set and controlled by both bulk gas suppliers and the beverage companies receiving the gas. Industry guidelines such as those set by the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) ensure a harmonised global standard is in place to protect the brands and consumers from quality incidents. 

Beverage manufacturers can further protect quality by installing CO2 Polishing Filtration from Sure Purity. This system blocks a wide range of trace impurities from being present in the finished product, including the challenging to remove Carbonyl Sulphide, to remove this at trace levels, a breakthrough technology was developed by Sure Purity. This now provides a greater level of protection to the beverage manufacturer than ever before.

New gas sources are being developed, the new sources bring with them new impurities to remove and monitor, robust levels of protection provided by Sure Purity ensures a safe, quality product every time and peace of mind regardless of source, supply chain or geography.

*NEW for 2020 and available to order now from Sure Purity*

1. 12 Month Service Intervals - Extends cartridge life by a further 6 months. Minimum 50% savings over other polishing filter brand.
2. High Capacity Cartridges - Increased level of protection.
3. Unique Carbonyl Sulphide Barrier - Wider range of impurities and CO2 sources.
4. Modular Design - Accurately match the system to your demand, cost effectively increase capacity or downsize.
5. Quick load cartridges - Maintenance by one person in less than 30 minutes minimum downtime.
6. Integrated Inlet and Outlet Filtration - Less risk of leaks.
7. Higher Pressure Rating, 24bar.g (350psi.g) as standard.
8. Anti-Corrosion - Stainless Steel used on exposed parts.
9. NPT version to ASME Code for North America as standard.
10. Available to order now.

After 3 years of research, development, testing and field trials, Sure Purity can offer our customers the best technology available to protect your beverage product quality. The product can be used by all beverage companies using carbon dioxide in their product and processes, including; CSD, mineral waters, breweries incl craft brewing specialists, cider & sparkling wine. 

Contact Sure Purity to talk to us about why our technology is better and trusted by major beverage brand owners worldwide.

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