Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Why should I be listed in the Beverage Industry Resource Guide?


A. Build your company’s brand/visibility within the beverage industry. The purpose of the Beverage Industry Resource Guide is to encourage members doing business with other members. If you have joined ISBT to build relationships and increase awareness of what your company does – you should be listed.


Q. How much does it cost?


A. All active ISBT members are allowed a basic listing and one category, complimentary with your membership. If you are looking to push content to the membership, there are sponsorship options to increase your opportunities to do so.


Q. Who is Data Key Communications?


A. DKC is a publishing company that partners with associations to give members various platforms to communicate. When supplier members need visibility and promotion to penetrate an association, we can help. We work with two other associations – GAWDA & Northeast Dairy.

Bill Brod – Publisher

Steve Guglielmo – Editorial 

Tim Hudson – Sales

Lesli Mitchell – Sales

Hannah Gray – Sales and Marketing

Anne DeSantis – Relationship Manager


Q: What are the advertising opportunities?


1. Upgrade your listing to include white papers/catalogs, photos/videos, extended text fields to published industry specific content inside you listing

2. Publish supplier articles to publish new products, product reinforcement, case studies/testimonials.

3. Offer deals to incentivize new business.

4. Post events which could also be webinars or safety training.

5. Post jobs to other beverage industry professionals who may be looking for a career change.

*All listings, articles, events, deals, and job postings come with automated monthly reporting so you can easily track metrics.


Q: How long does a sponsorship last?


A: 12 Months


Q: Who is the target for the Beverage Industry Resource Guide?


A: The Beverage Industry Resource Guide will be promoted directly to ISBT membership – mainly on the bottle and brand side and can also be utilized by any beverage industry professional. The We will look to expand the readership as we get to know the different members and what their purpose is for joining ISBT.


Q: How will you drive traffic to the Beverage Industry Resource Guide?


A: The Beverage Industry Resource Guide will be promoted in different forms of ISBT communications. It will also be mentioned to new members who join, as well as in communications for renewals. Lastly, when supplier members begin to utilize the ability to post content, that same content will be the focus of a Beverage Industry Resource Guide monthly newsletter where we highlight different articles, deals, and events posted by supplier members for that month.

How can we help you?

How does the 'Sign me in automatically' work?

The 'Sign me in automatically' is optional, it saves your username and password on your computer and every time you access the page you will be automatically logged in.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, please click on the 'Forgot your Password?' link of the front of the directory or on the sponsor login page. The password recovery email will be sent to the email address provided from your Contact Information. The email will contain a link which will redirect the user to the 'Manage Account' section, where the password can be updated.

How can I change my password?

After you are logged in, click on 'Account Settings' link, you will see the 'Current Password' field, type your current password in this field and your new password on the fields 'Password' and 'Retype Password', then hit the submit button.

Am I required to have an account to add items to the site?

Yes. In order to add any item, including Free items, to the directory you must have an account.

How can I sign up for an account?

To sign up as a sponsor go to the 'Advertise With Us' link at top menu, select an item and level and click in 'SIGN UP' button. Fill out all fields, write down your username and password for future reference, choose the best payment gateway for you and follow the steps to finish the process. To sign up as a visitor go to 'Sign up | Login' link at top menu, fill out all fields and click in 'Create Account'.

Why am I receiving an 'Account Locked' message?

If you attempt to access your account and type in an incorrect password 5 times the account will lock for 1 hour. This is for security reasons.

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